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Are you studying for the wrong test? Brand Performance - a guide

When consumers choose to make a purchase, they can generally choose from a range of options and alternatives. Brand Performance is about making them choose your product in a world of plenty.   /../

5 Great places to find Free Photos (or Videos) for your digital campaign

At Strossle, we’re experts in finding the right readers for your content. We also know how hard it can be as content creator to generate all that great content. Even when the themes are set and the articles and guides are written, you still need the... /../

If Facebook is so bad, why keep supporting them financially?

The oldest trick in PR and politics is to take control of the narrative. Shifting focus from uncomfortable criticism to talking points you dictate is as old as debating. Politicians, cigarette companies and polluters around the world use this strategy... /../

Azerion acquires Strossle

It's a big day for everyone here at Strossle as we are announcing today that we've been acquired by the Dutch gaming and technology company Azerion. /../

It's time to #BanSurveillanceAdvertising

Strossle is a proud participant in the struggle for a better internet. The Digital Advertising Economy has largely bee been built on the abuse of your personal data and we belive this is unnecessary and wrong.  /../

The Strossle Digital Privacy Survey

Marketing professionals: help us learn more about the growing importance of digital privacy in advertising!! /../

How Strossle empowers publishers in the post cookie ecosystem

This post explains how publishers can make use of their legally obtained consent and their own insight to increase the value of the recommendations they get from Strossle. We believe this is a much better approach to privacy and the use of data than... /../

Using Context - Strossle and advertiser outcomes

This post explains the difference between using context to place an ad and using it to achieve an outcome. In Strossle, we view these two as fundamentally different offerings, although both use the label “contextual targeting”. /../

The Value of Privacy and the Naked Emperor

Most people don’t go to the toilet with the door open or feel comfortable undressing completely in front of strangers. Why should privacy be less important online? /../

Contextual Targeting: The report you've been waiting for

That Strossle has long been crusading for Contextual Targeting is nothing new. But did you know that this line of thinking is gaining traction across the open web? /../