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10 Free Online Marketing Resources That Every Online Marketer Should Use

By admin May 07, 2018

Tags marketing

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“The only podcast you need”
“I would like to recommend the podcast “Redcode” with Peter Kafka because it gives me the latest tech news and analysis with focus on the media industry. They always present interesting guests and anyone working with online marketing should follow this podcast.”
David Lind, Sales manager, Strossle Sweden

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“The best source for advertising knowledge, updated hourly”
“Flipboard constantly analyses thousands of sites and match them towards my reading behaviour. I feel the recommendations are spot on what I want to read about. A perfect tool for online marketers that want to be up to date on the industry but have little time.”
Johan Unger, CPO, Strossle

“Great newsletter with relevant content”
“I love newsletters that I can look at and browse to instantly see if there is relevant content. Redef has 2 regulars that I love based on their presentation and «curated» feel. Go to Redef and select «newsletter» and sign up for the criteria most relevant to you. Great stuff!”
Rickard Lawson, Managing director, Strossle Norway

“The latest industry trends”
"ExchangeWire is a site about Data-Driven Advertising and Marketing Technology that provides an immediate overview of the latest industry trends, innovations, challenges and visions. It is consistently updated and has an useful newsletter that gives the best insights for both marketers and publishers. In a complex landscape, being able to find the right information is very important. “
Fabio Zoboli, Managing director, Strossle Italy

“Useful information about native advertising”
“Every online marketer should know that we are going from a push marketing world to a pull marketing world and what implications that has on strategies. Follow Native Advertising institutes blog to find useful information and learn how to become successful using native advertising.”
Thomas Hartmann, Managing director, Strossle Denmark

“Learn more about artificial intelligence”
Artificial intelligence is used to generate content recommendations on social media as well as in our widget. But what is artificial intelligence and machine learning? Here are a few suggested reads to learn more about that. First of all we published a post on this on our blog a few weeks ago that you can read here. Don’t miss this wonderful mango buying analogy written by a Quora user here. Finally have some fun and check out videos of and play with a few AI experiments here.
Fredrik Skeppstedt, Data Scientist, Strossle

“The best site for usable tools”
“I check Producthunt every day to keep up with new, usable tools. The site is practically a huge catalogue of various tools. I like to browse through it and analyse the content to see how we at Strossle or our partners can utilize the tools. You can find online publishing tools, widgets and lots of other stuff here.”
Filip Kuna, Managing director, Strossle Slovakia

“Don’t miss Similarweb”
SimilarWeb is a freemium web tool that allows you to analyze traffic on almost all sites. It’s a plugin which allows you to easily view and analyze traffic data and for free also view sources, monthly traffic, site ratings etc. A must-have tool if you work within media. If you want more data and higher accuracy you can purchase premium.
Henric Smolak, CSR, Strossle

Anna Holmquist, MD Strossle Sweden