7 Embarrassing Moments When Friends Share Fake News


We've all seen them—the ridiculous, shocking and often cringe-worthy fake articles that people love to share on social media. Unfortunately, sometimes the people sharing them are a bit too close to us, and while someone out there needs to set them straight, it’s not going to be you. Here are seven reactions we’ve all had when that person starts sharing… again. Enjoy!

By Leo Heijbel May 7, 2018

news, Publisher

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1. When your mother in law shares a racist article

2. When you read the comments on the fake article your old colleague posted

3. When you realize that you've been living in a filter bubble


4. When your father shares a fake article and you don't know where to start

5. ...and you realize that your best friend’s partner also shared it.

6. When you accidentally refresh your LinkedIn feed and try to retrace that fake article your competitor shared.

7. When you realize that you just shared a fake article


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