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7 Global Publishing Influencers You Want to Follow

By Dan Willstrand Oct 03, 2018

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We all need inspiration. But where can we find it? We asked people at Strossle and in our network, which people they follow, to get new ideas and to stay ahead at work. Here are 7 super influencers worth following for anyone interested in media.

7 supr influencers



News industry analyst and the author of Newsonomics

Ken is the author of “Newsonomics: Twelve New Trends That Will Shape the News You Get”, by many considered as one of the most important books on media trends and emerging business models.

Most of his work is available on www.newsonomics.com. There you can read about major trends driving business change, digital circulation models, revenue streams from content marketing, and the central importance of analytics and use of “Little Data” in driving media companies forward

Why to follow: to understand news media and its future.

Twitter: @kdoctor


Editor-in-chief at The Guardian

Former journalist and playwright Katharine became The Guardian’s first female Editor-in-chief in 2015. With readers around the globe, The Guardian’s ambitious journalism has a deeper impact than most media. But for media insiders, Katharine might be more famous for her innovative way of financing journalism. In addition to its traditional subscription and advertising models, The Guardian today urge online readers to make one-off donations or become supporters at £6,99 per month.

Revenue from readers now exceeded advertising revenue, and after many years of losses, amounting to more than £500 million since 2009, there may finally be cause for financial optimism.

Why to follow: inspiration on new business models for journalism.

Twitter: @KathViner ‏

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Harvard Professor and the man behind disruption theories

Clayton is an American academic, business consultant, and Professor of Business Administration at Harvard. If you like to use the word “disruption” but feel that you should learn more about what it really means, this is the guy you should follow. His work “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, first released in 1997, is still referred to as one the most influential business books of our time.

Why to follow: to understand the effects of technology on your media business

Twitter: @claychristensen


Publisher of Media ReDEFined (REDEF), an newsletter for media and tech execs.

Jason and his fellow content curators at REDEF describe their product as “interest remixes for curious minds”. And they see themselves as DJs, spinning ideas to get your mind moving. In times when most media experiences are based on algorithmic packaging of feeds, it leaves me with a warm feeling that the people at REDEF have hand-picked everything you find in their newsletter

Jason has a background at companies such as MySpace and MTV, where he was Chief Digital Officer, and the youngest senior executive in the company’s history.

Why to follow: to fertilize your brain and go beyond the obvious answers

Twitter: @JasonHirschhorn


Editor-in-Chief of The Economist

Zanny leads one of the most respected established media outlets in the world, The Economist. She has demonstrated that quality journalism can have a strong future, by increasing paid circulation and making record high revenues.

The Economist takes an editorial stance of classical and economic liberalism, supporting free trade, globalisation, free immigration, and cultural liberalism. Quite the opposite of Trump’s former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, whom Zanny recently met for a controversial interview.

Why to follow: inspiration on how to succeed with quality journalism

Twitter: @zannymb


Social Media and content marketing expert

Soviet-born Gary started his career in the US by taking his parents wine store from $3 to $60 million turnover, with successful content and digital marketing strategies. With that knowledge in his portfolio, Gary founded VaynerMedia in 2009, a digital agency providing social media and strategy services to Fortune 500 companies.

Content is at Gary’s heart, and since 2015 he produces the DailyVee, a daily, video-documentary on YouTube that chronicles his life as a businessman.

Why to follow: few people personify and explain the power of social media and content marketing better than Gary.

Twitter: @garyvee



A lot of people still think of Amazon as a place to buy books. But the rest of you, who are a bit more enlightened, know that Jeff is on his way to own and control almost everything in the digital world; not only the outlets for all physical things we want to buy, and all content we want to watch, but also the actual cloud, hosting most internet services. Yes he’s the richest man alive. And yes he also owns one of America’s finest news brands: The Washington Post.

Why to follow: to understand who takes all your money

Twitter: @JeffBezos ‏