Another win for Strossle!

By Rickard Lawson Mar 10, 2022

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We are proud to announce we took home the gold yesterday when the Native Advertising Institute announced the "Best Native Advertising Platform".

Native Advertising 2-2

In this category we were among the global champions of the field (Outbrain and TAN /Nativo) so the win feels like great achievement for what is comparatively a small player in this space.

It was Strossle's own end-to-end self service platform "Marketplace" that was nominated this year and we're proud to quote the jurys comments:

"Congratulations to Strossle! This space has been booming for years and it just keeps on growing, making it very competitive. The jury wanted you to know: Attention to quality standards, a deep understanding of the marketplace and a growing client base deserves a perfect score. You nailed it!"

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