Three Areas of Collaboration to Battle the Facebook-Google Duopoly

By Leo Heijbel May 07, 2018

Tags Publisher

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We have identified three primary areas where publishers can benefit from huge upsides through collaboration in the battle against the Facebook-Google duopoly:


  1. Brand-safe environment at scale.
    Advertisers want an easy way to buy their advertising in a brand-safe environment at scale. They have been accustomed to this through Facebook and Google, and now make similar demands on other platforms. By collaborating, publishers can offer buyers a high-quality environment for their content with similar reach to the platform companies.

  2. Traffic Sharing
    Whether they like it or not, publishers are already sharing traffic by proxy. This fact is due to the huge amount of traffic that comes from Facebook and Google. By collaborating, publishers can keep their users in a high-quality environment for a longer period of time.

  3. Deeper data-sharing 
    Both Facebook and Google have built their businesses on the collective data of individual users, while the publishers have focused more on plain audience reach. Publishers have now fallen behind, but one way to close the gap is to start sharing insights and data about user behaviour. 


Want to learn more about about the rise of the platforms and what the media can do? Check out our Infographic below: