Here we go again, but this time will be different!

The next wave of rising infections is sweeping across Europe. How should you plan and manage your marketing in the months ahead? As the sky darkens once again over Europe, the impact on planned campaigns and marketing for your business comes under new... /../

Overcoming the Content Shock

The social media consultant, Mark Schaeffer, has defined the term “content shock” like this: “the amount of content being published is growing exponentially faster than the audiences intended to consume it, while the time available for consumption is a... /../

How to inspire people to find your content

One of the driving forces behind content marketing is that the traditional AIDA (Action, Interest, Desire, Action) purchase funneling model has changed. Marketers have until recently used this simple strategy - to raise customers' Awareness with... /../

How Facebook Can Inspire Media To Grow Their Business

Online media must adapt to new trends, learn from big players, and move their user experience strategy to a new level. /../


Content comes in all shapes, forms and sizes, distributed through a massive amount of channels (just to name some of the digital channels: corporate site, brand site, landing pages, in-site channel, Facebook page, Pulse, Youtube channel, different social... /../

The importance of recirculation

This is not to say that the story in any ways has become obsolete or irrelevant  (it might be to you once its out there, but not necessarily so for your readers). The reason is simply that new content claims your story’s space from it’s top pegging, and... /../

10 Free Online Marketing Resources That Every Online Marketer Should Use


“We’re Now in a Post Advertising Society”

Rickard Lawson, Country Manager at Strossle Norway, lead a session on what brands can learn from publishers regarding native advertising at the 2016 Native Advertising Days, where Strossle also won gold for Native Advertising Platform/Network of the Year /../

AI for Media: The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is usually divided into two categories. Weak, and Strong AI. Weak AI is a system or computer program that can solve a narrow set of problems with some level of perceived intelligence. An example could be a system that plays chess... /../

Why native is here to stay

What emerged as native advertising is a first baby-step into this new age of digital velocity: In-line ads, pay per click ads and sponsored messaging. Sprinkle believes that knowledge about the visitors, smart placement, format and type of message is key... /../

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