Coca-Cola The Power of Context - [Case Study]

By Leo Heijbel Jul 03, 2018

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At Strossle, we believe in the power of great content. Great content communicates to consumers in a non-intrusive way and helps brands to build sustainable relationships with their consumers. Our goal is to let quality journalism from digital publishers attract the right users with the right content.This creates engagement, builds media brands and puts the user first.

Strossle teamed up with Coca-Cola to take on a tough mission: To make an impact on the Coca-Cola brand recognition. People in marketing know that this is tough when you work with one of the most famous brands in the world.


Coca-Cola had published great content on the page ‘Coca-Cola journey‘. Strossle and Carat deci- ded to distribute the content throughout Strossle’s premium network of publishers across Denmark. Strossle’s recommendations are always distributed as native recommendations in widgets mixed with true editorial content on the publishers’ sites. This puts great content where it belongs: In the context of quality journalism.


The campaign was running for three months and generated 25,000 unique visitors. As the goal was to achieve an uplift in brand recognition, a survey was carried out after the campaign period to compare those who had visited one of the articles that Strossle recommended with those who had not.This was done through a third-party company to make sure that the data was correct — and the numbers speak for themselves:

A relative campaign recognition uplift of 70% could be measured amongst respondents with Coca-Cola top of mind. Respondents with Coca-Cola in mind reported having a relative campaign uplift of 100%. Respondents that had visited the campaign were 10 times as likely to buy a Coca-Cola, and the proportion of respondents that preferred Coca-Cola compared to competing beverage brands increased with 100%.

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Jakob Mølman, Nordic Digital Manager at Coca-Cola says:

"With Strossle, Coca-Cola has the possibility to distribute content in an editorial context. The conducted analysis showed great quality with regards to both context and readers. Respondents displayed to the campaign showed a positive increase on several of the KPIs that was set for the campaign. All in all a great execution."


Case Study Coca-Cola