Contextual Targeting and Native Ads, a guide for planners

By Rickard Lawson Dec 01, 2020

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Contextual targeting is not just having your airline ad appear next to an article about travel. Here’s how to use context to reach campaign goals.

A fresh approach to planning.

In the same way that search engines advertising is about choosing the keywords users associate with your service, contextual targeting is about choosing the context and emotions that evoke your brand.

Using Context in your media planning requires a shift in thinking. “Traditional” media planning is about the metrics of the medium: Reach, Scope, Price, Frequency and targeting-opportunities. Contextual targeting is about understanding your customers' needs, offering them something of value and creating engagement. 

It starts with two simple questions: "What engages my audience?" And: "How do I make their lives better?"

What engages your audience?

Lets, as an example, say your product is health insurance for kids. Trying to engage your demographic ("Young Parents") by targeting on Context, using categories like "family economics" is both relevant and contextually on point. If your content speaks to the financial security that comes with proper insurance, the cognitive effort required to choose your article in this setting is very low. If you are shouting from the right sidebar about "Financial Security for your family" when someone is planning a group stroll or friend outing on Social Media, you are wasting your money.

The contexts of "health", "family", "travel", "education" are all relevant contexts for this demographic and your service.

How do I make their lives better? 

How does your service ease the stress of parenthood? Develop Content that focuses on that. Is your service a pathway to increased security or reduced anxiety? Speak to that. Identify ambassadors and cases that exemplify how your service delivers on its promise and make it relatable for the audience you're addressing. Showing that you understand and care about your readers and clearly proving that you have empathy and answers to their problems, is a surefire way to build loyalty.

Consumers look to experts for advice on complex issues. Leverage this to create brand and product loyalty by showing what you can do to solve them.

Creating the connection that makes a difference

What kinds of editorial content and sites engage an audience? Predicting this can be tricky - who knows what's in the media when your campaign goes live? For this, Strossle has developed algorithmic distribution. You create the content, set the parameters for the campaign (Time, Budget etc), and we find the right context for you and deliver the traffic you want.

If you create content that speaks to an audience, Strossle can identify the right media, relevant context, and optimal delivery of to give it traffic. You are no longer paying for impressions, but readers. Readers that are interested in your content and want to engage with it because it feels relevant and valuable to them. Your brand is in expert hands because Strossle only collaborates with established, trusted media sites and you are 100% compliant with Privacy regulations.

Optimizing the creative 

Create multiple versions of the creative with different “entry points”. These “Entry points” are the Image + Headline combinations that make up your ads. Think of them like any article in the media. What will make users click on your content, and will they feel content and informed when they have read it? Click-baiting to “get traffic” not only wastes your money, it also annoys audiences and hurts your brand. Be honest and open about what users will see when they come to your site - and your traffic will be readers actively choosing your content.

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