Contextual Targeting: The report you've been waiting for

By Rickard Lawson Dec 11, 2020

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That Strossle has long been crusading for Contextual Targeting is nothing new. But did you know that this line of thinking is gaining traction across the open web?

As a recently published report states: "contextual targeting is a promising alternative to behavioral advertising not only because it is privacy-oriented. It can also support publishers in a more sustainable way, while at the same time delivering the same, if not better, results for advertisers."

A loose-loose-loose scenario

Something that is BAD for an entire ecosystem is generally unwanted. This is also true in the online advertising complex, where personal data is traded programmatically across thousands of companies with blatant disregard for online privacy.

But did you know that so called "targeted ads" aren't just bad for online privacy? It's also a rotten deal for advertisers who pay for the ads – and the publishers that distribute them!

The only winners in the adtech industry are online advertising intermediaries.

These are the companies that aggregate, trade and manage the data and ad space auctions online. 

"Publishers are kept in a prisoner’s dilemma where they are facing the choice between having to hand over up to 70% of their profits to advertising middlemen or not being able to fund themselves at all. Advertisers have to rely on unreliable (if not completely useless) metrics, manage an increasing irritation with ads best illustrated by the growing number of adblocks, and deal with ad fraud (bots fabricating clicks on ads) which funds organized crime."

This system is constructed to be complex, unmanageable and cannot be tweaked to functionality. It is, by its design, broken.

What lies ahead?

Regulatory changes in EU are a driving factor behind increased focus on privacy. Technological changes from Apple and  Google are using this as leverage to gain control over user data, and then commercialize it to their own benefit. If you think Googles "Privacy Sandbox" initiative is about protecting your information to your benefit , think again. This is a numbers games where bigger = winner.

Left behind to fight for the crumbs are the companies that contribute with actual value: The makers of Creative, Investigative and Engaging content.

The media companies - not the tech giants.

As the third-party cookie menace ends, how do these companies regain what has vanished to the Facebook / Google duopoly?

The answer: Context!

Strossle partners with more than 700 European media companies to help them increase engagement, promote great journalism and help publishers thrive with non-intrusive and contextually targeted ads. We're proud to be an active contributor to a vibrant media ecosystem, and collaborate with advertisers that feel the same.

Recommended reading

The Panoptiykon Foundation published THIS report last month. If you are interested in the future sustainability of media companies it's highly recommended reading. If you want to learn more about Contextual targeting and non-intrusive advertising. Click the button below to get in touch!

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