Cooperation Between Publishers in Focus at Media Conference

By Leo Heijbel May 07, 2018

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The probability that the publishers would choose to use a competitor's platform for cooperation is estimated as low. Instead, a third-party solution is the way to go. Over the last year, Strossle has developed and tested a system for publishers to share traffic; it’s called Strossle Accelerator. Today we have 200 publishers throughout Europe that are connected on this collaboration platform and drive traffic between each other.

1) It increases traffic

2) It gives the publisher the opportunity to keep the audience in the media ecosystem

3) It provides the users with a more comprehensive media experience.

Since Strossle, as an independent solution provider, offers this solution, the balance of interests and rapid execution is secured.

- I believe that publishers must collaborate to compete with mega platforms such as Facebook and Google. As individual companies, they won’t be able to offer sufficient reach and data for advertisers, said Thomas Peterssohn, Publicist and Member of the Strossle Board.

Anna Holmquist
CEO Strossle Sweden