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Distribution of Content in Focus at an Intensive One-Day Masterclass with Strossle

By Leo Heijbel May 07, 2018

Tags marketing , Advertiser

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As part of the course, the participants received the entire toolbox required to succeed and excel with their content marketing. The masterclass covered:

- The importance of owning your communication in today's digital landscape.

- How to create an advanced content marketing strategy that includes distribution.

- A road map for creating high-quality, engaging content that will take your business to the next level.

- A deep dive into the channels and methods of distributing content marketing, such as newsletters, content recommendations, social media, blogs, SE /SEM, and more.

- How to identify the right content for each channel and adjust your existing content to match each channel of distribution.

- Setting up measurable KPIs for your activities and how to evaluate them.

Anna Jäger, VP of Marketing at Basefarm, participated and was impressed with the quality and relevant of the material delivered throughout the day.

“It is important to be up to date with trends and "engagement marketing" is definitely something that takes content marketing to the next level. I gained a lot of insights during the day and especially the part about KPIs and metrics was very relevant.” — Anna Jäger, VP of Marketing at Basefarm