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e-commerce and Native ads, the perfect combination?

By Marketa Pavlasova Dec 11, 2020

Tags native advertising , ecommerce

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How changing from Push to Pull marketing can be make all the difference in driving sales.

For anyone who' ever suffered through "retargeting hell" (i.e. the experience of the exact products your lates purchase follow you around the web), this headline might seem counter intuitive.

But as advertising ramps up for end of year sales, ecommerce platforms are finding themselves in a new and exiting role: as curators and providers of insights and expertise.

The transition makes a lot of sense. Brands have exquisite and detailed information about their products of course, but retail platforms know the range of products in a given category - and can help you navigate through all the variables. Ever tried shopping for a gift for your partner or a relative? Knowing what to look for is one thing, know what product to select can be a nightmare!

The value proposition and the customer

Providing simple purchasing guides with the latest trends, curated collections like "staff recommendations" or buyers guides for segments like "gifts for dad" can be the difference between visibility and transaction.

Native ads traded on Cost Per Click (CPC) are the perfect delivery mechanism for this kind of marketing as e-tailers need only pay for relevant traffic. These are the customers who are actively looking for something to spend on.

A case study to illustrate

Central European retailer elnino.cz is a leading e-shop for perfumes and cosmetics expanding across Europe. With more than 500 brands and millions of items in Stock they are the online destination for discerning customers. 

ElNino asked Strossle to help them expand their target group and engage new customers. Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to new locations across the CEE.

The campaign focused on product ranges perfume and sunscreen and the objective was 10.000 visits in a 5 week period.

Using contextual targeting to deliver the campaign in relevant and brand safe content verticals, Strossles native ads served elnino content to readers focusing on health, beauty and fashion

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The results were staggering

The goal for KPI "Share of new visitors" was 60% of traffic, the result was 92%
Bounce rate avg for the client was 60%, the traffic from Strossle was 52%
Average page visits per client for elnino is 3. Traffic from Strossle achieved 4.34.

́"We wanted to test native advertising from Strossle as another alternative to native advertising that we use in other systems. In addition, it is de facto a ́full service ́, which also worked excellently and was very flexible. We didn't have to deal with optimization, we just kept sending links to the articles we wanted to promote. The result pleasantly surprised us, both because of the quality of traffic (new visitors, number of page views, bounce rate) and direct and assisted conversions, which were not the primary goal of the campaign. ́

Michal Blažek, Head of PPC department 


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