How to get the most out of your Strossle widget

By Anna Holmquist May 07, 2018

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Use Strossle on all your sites
The core of Strossle’s technical expertise is to analyze and optimize content to drive traffic. The typical site in our network is a content site but the widget can also be used to drive traffic between other kinds of sites, for example between classifieds and e-commerce sites and your content site.

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We can also go beyond the browser based widgets and work with recommendations in your apps through our recommendation API. Let the experts at Strossle take a look at all the sites in your portfolio, and they’ll suggest smart ways of integrating suitable widgets across the board.

Place widgets on all pages of a site
The most common placement of a Strossle widget is right below the article, simply because that is where it is obvious to give users content recommendations. But the widget can also be of very good use on your sites’ front pages and also on pages that are not article pages, such as section pages and even 404-pages.

Use widgets on multiple placements on each page
Strossle provides widgets for a multitude of positions on your site. The most common are:
Below an article
In the footer
In your feed
In the sidebar.

The Strossle widget can also be implemented as a “fly over” or dynamic footer-bar, that appears, when it makes sense, to highlight more articles. Also, if there are white spots on your site, why not consider adding a widget there.

It is also important to think of all your platforms. Make sure there is a widget on desktop, tablet and mobile, both on web and app.

Perhaps you have ideas about placements or formats that is not listed above - please let us know. We are always happy to share your ideas and strive to find the perfect design for each of our publisher in the network!

So now that you have maximized the use of Strossle’s widgets let’s have a look at how you can optimize each widget to perform at its best:


The easiest measure to evaluate the performance of a widget is the Click Through Rate (CTR). Regardless of your overall goal for the Strossle partnership the CTR should be as high as possible. So how can we work together to achieve the highest possible CTR?

Optimize the placement
It is a huge difference between a placement right below the article, or if you place a display ad in between the article and the widget and we highly recommend placements as close to other content areas as possible.

As a rule of thumb: the higher up on a page the widget appears, the better it performs.

We use the in-view share as a measure to evaluate the position. It shows you how many times the widget was visible for your visitors, in relation to number of pageviews (some users never scroll down to the end of the article).

Optimal size
A Strossle widget can be as small or big as you like. It can consist of one single article recommendation or it can include an endless amount of recommendations that expand infinitely as you scroll down. Empirical evidence shows that there’s a huge increase in performance (actually of more than 100%) if you have a widget of two rows instead of just one. Perhaps revenue, traffic and page views would increase on your site too if another row of recommendations was added?

Find the optimal design for your placements
Our preferred design is one that blends perfectly into the design of your site. Still there can be multiple variations. We can help you with different designs for A/B testing, just let us know.

Make sure you have different design for different devices. Scrolling and clicking behavior differs a lot between desktop and mobile. Whenever you are up for a redesign of your site, remember to include our design team and we are happy to assist you in the development of optimal widgets and placements.

Adjust content settings to match your goals
The Strossle content selection algorithm can be adjusted for you individually to help you reach your goals. Before you ask us to adjust the content settings you need to ask yourself what is most important to you; maximizing pageviews, revenue or new visitors?

A quick way to boost revenue is to increase the amount of ads. Most publishers prefer an ad share around 30% and a higher rate than 40% is not recommended since CTR is likely to decrease.

Make sure your Strossle KAM is up to date with your targets so we can help you find the perfect settings for your widgets.

When you compare the effect of Strossle’s technology with other alternatives, such as driving new users from social media, don’t forget to look at the time users spend engaging with your content. Our tests show that visitors coming to publishers’ platforms through content recommendations on editorial sites, spend much more time with the material compared to a visitor coming from social media platforms. Since all visitors from Strossle network are tagged with UTM source “Strossle”, you can use your analytics program to evaluate the traffic we send you. We would love to hear what your metrics tell you!

Remember. All the information about your widgets performance is available under your account in
Let us know if you’ve misplaced your login info and we’ll send it over again.

Anna Holmquist, MD Strossle Sweden