How We Approve a Publisher For Traffic Sharing

By Dan Willstrand May 07, 2018

Tags accelerator , Publisher , collaboration

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Collaboration between publishers is at Strossle’s heart. Our Accelerator platform allows publishers to promote their content in a network of hundreds of quality media sites, resulting in more engaged users and less need for traffic from Facebook or other mega platforms. But as with any collaboration, trust is crucial. Even though each publisher can decide exactly which peers they share traffic with, we want all affiliated publishers to live up to a number of defined standards.

Below you find our Publisher Approval Checklist, which we urge every Manager to use when they connect new Publishers to the Accelerator. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact your local Strossle representative.

Get yourself connected!

There are three different types of partnerships that offers (with different quality demands):

  1. ACCELERATOR - Sites we accept as part of a content exchange network, a.k.a. "The Accelerator". Here we have the highest demands and they need to tick all the boxes below
  2. ADS - Sites where we can place ads. Here we need to make sure the context is good enough for our advertisers to be associated with.
  3. TRAFFIC SOURCE - Sites that can be allowed to send traffic INTO Visitor Accelerator (influencers etc)


Area Our Demand Exception Accelerator Ads Traffic  
Ethics All content adheres to Strossle Content Ethics. No x x x  

Debatable Content

Does not only write about politics (subjectively) or religion. No  x x x  
Copyright All content (incl text, images, videos) is handled with correct use of copyrights.  No x x x  
Volume More than 50k page views per week.
  1. New sites with quality content and future potential.
  2. Smaller sites in partner networks that are large enough.
  3. Niche sites where content cooperation across sites makes sense for all parties.
x x x  
Financials The site must be operated by a billable entity with sufficient administrative control (such as VAT registration, invoicing procedures etc) No x x x  
Content origin At least 50% original content. No x x x  
Responsibility A named person is "Publisher" and responsible for everything that is published on the site. No x      
Quality Headlines are usable as teasers ("creatives"). Spelling, image quality etc ok No x