Mothers Day: Learn How To Increase Revenue Through Capturing of Emotions

By Anna Holmquist May 15, 2018

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#1 LG

LG is one of the brands that have made big success through their Mothers Days campaigns. In 2014 they launched a marketing campaign called #MomConfessions to encourage mothers to create and share user-generated content to demonstrate how LG’s applicances made mom’s life simpler. Through a simple website, moms anonymously shared their secrets that were posted in real-time on a Times Square digital display.


Doing this, LG put themselves on the moms side and go from talking about functions and prestanda to life. Through connecting to their targetgroup with a pat on the shoulder, LG becomes a good friend instead of only being a brand for household appliances that talks about function and prestanda.

The campaign was so successful it was nominated to various awards.



#2 Maidenform

Another example of how to engage the audience is Maidenform, a US based leading manufacturer of women’s undergarments, who created a sweepstakes driven campaign that was executed through social media. Users were asked to share a photo with their mothers, and describe how their mothers have “shaped” them by using hashtag #MFShapesMe.

The campaign loads the brand with positive feelings. Not only because everyone loves a brand that highlights mothers, but also because the brand creates engagement. Besides putting Maidenform in the center of attention, the campaign made a high impact in the minds of their customers.




#3 Paperchase

Another campaign I really like is the British stationary retailer Paperchase’s, Mothers Day campaign from 2017. Paperchase teamed up with expert crafter Emily Dawe to show users how to use paper to create a Mother Days gift. It is av very nice example of how to create good online content but also a great example of how to push users to a category where they usually do not spend so much time - Paperchase’s Art and Craft category.



#4 Skittles

Lastly I want to share with you this clip that Skittles used last year around Mothers Day. Using humor in marketing is extremely effective to:

  • grab and hold attention
  • create an emotional response among your audience
  • show them that you are just “one of them” after all
  • to make your audience remember you and to share your content

Mothers days are often about love but Skittles show that you can choose a different direction. Remember though that you have to know your audience and your humor must be appropriate for them in order to succeed with your content. Don’t offend. As a matter of fact, Skittles actually got cold feet after launching the campaign and tried to pull it back from Youtube. But due to the great popularity it keeps coming back up, like all great content does.



If you want to know more about how you can increase sales through your online content or if you want to know how to drive the audience to your Mothers day content - don’t hesitate to contact us at Strossle.

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Facts about Mothers day in Sweden:

  • On Sunday May 31, 2,8 million Mothers are in focus only in Sweden.
  • In a survey by the Swedish Trade Organisation, 25% of retailers say that Mothers Day is a very important occasion for them.
  • The most common gifts for Swedish mothers on Mothers day are flowers, chocolate and going out to dinner.

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