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Pecha what’cha? /../

Strossle’s Algorithm School - an opportunity for publishers to stay in tune with development

The first session was held in June and since then hundreds of media professionals have attended Strossles Algorithm School for media companies. The session is aimed at everyone in the company that wishes to keep up with the technical development and are... /../

The Art of Great Content Recommendations

To offer some concrete insights in this short article I will narrow down to relevance in the sense of similarity, i.e. “relevant articles should cover similar things”, which is something we see a lot of in the media industry. /../

Guide: The 10 Best Performing Native Ads in 2017

Last year Strossle distributed more than 10,000 creatives (different ads) in 10 European countries. We know from data that the visitors we deliver to content marketing are much more engaged than visitors coming from social platforms (they spend 120% more... /../


Content comes in all shapes, forms and sizes, distributed through a massive amount of channels (just to name some of the digital channels: corporate site, brand site, landing pages, in-site channel, Facebook page, Pulse, Youtube channel, different social... /../

The importance of recirculation

This is not to say that the story in any ways has become obsolete or irrelevant  (it might be to you once its out there, but not necessarily so for your readers). The reason is simply that new content claims your story’s space from it’s top pegging, and... /../

The wings of change!

80s power ballad or a sign of the times? In this post, Strossle’s resident prophet, Rickard Lawson attempts to describe the biggest drivers of change in the world of digital marketing and media. Ambitious? Yes, but then Norwegians at Strossle tend to... /../

10-20-70–Your Ideal Content Marketing Measurements

When thinking about content marketing strategy, online marketers face a series of questions. What kind of content should we create? How do we target our content? Which formats should we use? How do we measure the results? And by the way, how much money... /../

Time Spent should mean more to Publishers than Unique Visitors

The online media industry has historically used quantity as the main success indicator—where “who has more unique visitors?” mattered most. The market has seen monthly stats as the principal metric. Consequently a unique user who visited a site five... /../

10 Free Online Marketing Resources That Every Online Marketer Should Use