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7 Things Brands Can Learn From Publishers


What we learned while helping publishers collaborate

  The last 10 years have taken publishers down a path that only ends at a destination called “Content provider”. Media companies know that this is not a viable strategy in the long run. Not only because it impairs their ability to sustain and engage an... /../

AI for Media: The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is usually divided into two categories. Weak, and Strong AI. Weak AI is a system or computer program that can solve a narrow set of problems with some level of perceived intelligence. An example could be a system that plays chess... /../

Why Alain Delon Runs His Own Online Magazine [Case Study]

Alain Delon was a famous French actor who was particularly popular in the 1960s. With a naturally entrepreneurial spirit, Delon launched his own fashion brand targeted at the male demographic. Stores all around the world now offer high-end menswear,... /../

Why native is here to stay

What emerged as native advertising is a first baby-step into this new age of digital velocity: In-line ads, pay per click ads and sponsored messaging. Sprinkle believes that knowledge about the visitors, smart placement, format and type of message is key... /../

Does Content Need an Agency?

Now that Content Marketing and Native Advertising is creating such noise, which of those agencies should you talk to? Well, even though content is created by most of them, we would still argue that you find yourself a content agency. So why is that? /../

Distribution of Content in Focus at an Intensive One-Day Masterclass with Strossle


How to get the most out of your Strossle widget

ONBOARDING THE STROSSLE WIDGET Use Strossle on all your sites The core of Strossle’s technical expertise is to analyze and optimize content to drive traffic. The typical site in our network is a content site but the widget can also be used to drive... /../

How Publishers can Optimize their Marketing Funnel for Paid Subscriptions [GUIDE]


Honey I shrunk our business! Or: How you gave 60% of your traffic to someone you don’t even know

Perhaps it’s time to consider creating a position that will be mission critical in that future. Perhaps without this person you will soon find yourself with no data, no revenue, or for that matter no job. Enter: the Chief Audience Officer. /../