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Why News Sites Should Get Rid of Weight Loss Scams

Advertising promising miracles without any effort brings in considerable money to some news sites. Despite this fact, sites had better avoid it like the plague. /../

Content is King – Distribution is King Kong

When Social Media entered our lives it changed a lot of things. For marketers, it meant that all of a sudden they needed to be interesting to get attention. Old Spice told us we could smell like a real man and Red Bull dropped a guy from space. Viral... /../

Case Study: How Union Started with Content Marketing


3 Simple Ways to Expand the Lifetime of Your Editorial Content

Even though Schaefer mainly referred to content produced for marketing purposes, it definitely applies to editorial content as well. No matter how efficiently California based platforms help users filter content into personalized feeds, it’s hard to... /../

Why publishers should say no thanks to “gifts” from Facebook?

Because what happened to WhatsApp will happen also to media using Instant Articles. /../


Expressen has a very ambitious TV project going on, with a growing content catalogue, live streams and programs. What’s your master plan? /../

How to Squeeze the Most  From Your Pay-Per-Click Budget

The challenge most PPC marketers face is figuring out how to achieve the lowest possible cost per click for their campaigns, and how they can reduce this cost in an already highly competitive market. They also have to factor in other elements that may be... /../

How Blockchain Affects Strossles Strategy

Across 12 countries, Strossle helps digital publishers recommend content that creates value for them in various ways. As a data-driven business who touches millions of users and hundreds of publishers, Strossles business model is clearly one with... /../

Facebook delivers another blow to publishers

 In the past days, Facebook has been experimenting with a new «Explore Feed» in 6 markets across the globe. The result so far seems to be yet another nail in the coffin for publishers relying on FB for their traffic. What happened, and what can... /../

Endangered Ads: 3 Digital Ad Formats That Are Dying (Hopefully)

Wow! Worldwide spends on digital advertising has reached an all-time high, again. Anyone surprised? Didn’t think so. Does this mean that all types of digital advertising are here to stay? Hopefully not. This is my prediction for three... /../