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Creating The Companies of The Future


Cooperation Between Publishers in Focus at Media Conference


Collaboration Superpower - How Publishers can Balance the Duopoly

What if every single publisher, no matter size, could compete with Facebook and Google from a user, advertiser and data perspective? This might sound like a publisher utopia, but it could actually become reality in a heartbeat, through collaboration. /../

Three Areas of Collaboration to Battle the Facebook-Google Duopoly

We have identified three primary areas where publishers can benefit from huge upsides through collaboration in the battle against the Facebook-Google duopoly: /../

27 Great Metrics and KPIs For Your Content Marketing

Your content is nothing without an engaged audience. So how do you know that you’re producing the right things? It’s simple: you track how your audience reacts and engages with your content. Here’s a list of 27 metrics and KPIs that you can use to track... /../

Why News Sites Should Get Rid of Weight Loss Scams

Advertising promising miracles without any effort brings in considerable money to some news sites. Despite this fact, sites had better avoid it like the plague. /../

Content is King – Distribution is King Kong

When Social Media entered our lives it changed a lot of things. For marketers, it meant that all of a sudden they needed to be interesting to get attention. Old Spice told us we could smell like a real man and Red Bull dropped a guy from space. Viral... /../

Case Study: How Union Started with Content Marketing


3 Simple Ways to Expand the Lifetime of Your Editorial Content

Even though Schaefer mainly referred to content produced for marketing purposes, it definitely applies to editorial content as well. No matter how efficiently California based platforms help users filter content into personalized feeds, it’s hard to... /../

Why publishers should say no thanks to “gifts” from Facebook?

Because what happened to WhatsApp will happen also to media using Instant Articles. /../