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Using Context - Strossle and advertiser outcomes

This post explains the difference between using context to place an ad and using it to achieve an outcome. In Strossle, we view these two as fundamentally different offerings, although both use the label “contextual targeting”. /../

The Value of Privacy and the Naked Emperor

Most people don’t go to the toilet with the door open or feel comfortable undressing completely in front of strangers. Why should privacy be less important online? /../

Contextual Targeting: The report you've been waiting for

That Strossle has long been crusading for Contextual Targeting is nothing new. But did you know that this line of thinking is gaining traction across the open web? /../

e-commerce and Native ads, the perfect combination?

How changing from Push to Pull marketing can be make all the difference in driving sales. For anyone who' ever suffered through "retargeting hell" (i.e. the experience of the exact products your lates purchase follow you around the web), this headline... /../

Contextual Targeting and Native Ads, a guide for planners

Contextual targeting is not just having your airline ad appear next to an article about travel. Here’s how to use context to reach campaign goals. /../

Native advertising and the Conversion factor

Are you using Native ads exclusively as a distribution tool for your content marketing efforts? Do you consider the format to be a «top-of-the-funnel» strategy only? /../

Here we go again, but this time will be different!

The next wave of rising infections is sweeping across Europe. How should you plan and manage your marketing in the months ahead? As the sky darkens once again over Europe, the impact on planned campaigns and marketing for your business comes under new... /../

Marketeers: What can you learn from a 15 year old with an iPhone?

Have you ever wondered how a teenager with a smartphone can create more media attention than a brand with a huge marketing team?  /../

Transparency by Design!

Strossle joins the IAB Transparency and Consent Framework In short, the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), launched in 2018 helps parties in the digital advertising industry to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). /../

The first of the last days of the shitty ad!

Publishers and media creators, behold and rejoice: The disconnect between your content and the advertising that monetizes it is coming to an end! About bl**dy time! Since the advent of the «data driven» advertising format - advertisers have been bidding... /../