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Beginner’s Guide to Buying Traffic

Everyone knows that organic website traffic today is more rare than organic alternatives in a Russian liquor store. No matter how creative and interesting you are, corporate content will typically be exposed to less than 2 percent of your followers in... /../

Explaining Content Marketing To Your Grandmother

We are all guilty. Although we see ourselves as experts in communication, Content Marketing professionals have fallen in the trap of using difficult words to describe what we do. Most of us don’t even think about it anymore, but every week we use... /../

How We Managed to Grow by 21,000 Percent in 4 Years

A couple of months ago Strossle was ranked second fastest growing tech company in Sweden, and we were awarded a nice glass prize by Deloitte, now residing in our awards lounge (well, I wish we had one). Until Deloitte informed us that our growth had... /../

The Biggest Challenge For Publishers In 2019

Courage and aspiration to look beyond the obvious are two qualities that characterize great journalism. These qualities not only help publishers produce interesting stories, but they also make it easier to distinguish the offering from the competitors’. /../

Why Banners Can’t Build Brands

How come the digital banner advertising industry, which has an annual global turnover of more than 55 billion dollars, has never played a crucial part in building a strong consumer brand? One of the main reasons is that online targeted banners are... /../

Why Engagement is More Important Than Reach for Publishers in 2019


Top 10 Blog Posts in 2018

We checked the numbers, Elon Musk, green data, Ericsson's content marketing and the confessions of a Chief Digital officer. Those were some of the most popular blog posts during 2018. Here’s the full top 10 list! Just click each headline to read the full... /../

How Publishers Can Increase The Reach of Their Native Campaigns

Native Advertising Institute and WAN-IFRA just released the 2018 report over Native Advertising trends in the news media industry. Even to seasoned media and marketing professionals, some of the numbers presented should come as a pleasant surprise. /../

How The Value of A Visitor Depends On Your Media Business Model

How much is a website visitor worth? This is crucial knowledge to anyone investing in digital marketing and paid traffic to their websites. The answer is that it depends on your business model and how good you are at converting traffic into revenue. /../

Why Using Push Marketing Online Is A Total Failure

I once heard a media planner (at a famous agency) advice a customer to turn up the volume in their pre-roll commercials. The argument was that consumers would then still hear the customer's message even if they chose to browse another page while waiting... /../