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Video or Text Journalism - Do We Need Regulations?

Have you ever refrained from clicking an online news story because it was a video? Was it because you knew you’d have to sit through a 30 second pre-roll ad to get what you wanted? Or because news publishers have started using video too extensively? Or a... /../

Big Brother or Don’t Bother? Advertising post GDPR

 We now live in a post GDPR world. It’s difficult to say what the consequences for advertisers and publishers have been, or will be. Right now the relief among media professionals reminds us about the situation 1  January 2000: Hurrah, the computer... /../

Håkon Tillier Appointed Acting CEO of Strossle

Strossle’s Board of Directors has appointed Håkon Tillier as acting CEO of Strossle. Håkon Tillier, who is a co-founder of Strossle Norway (founded 2014), has been Strossle’s Head of Expansion since 2017. Håkon replaces founder Magnus Hultman who will... /../

Case Study: Raiffeisen Bank Experiments with Innovative Online Formats

Customer acquisition in the financial sector is getting increasingly hard. The competitive struggle of 27 banks in Slovakia raised the cost per click in search above 2 euro. It’s one of the most expensive sectors in auction bids. /../

Strossle wins “Best Native Advertising Platform” at Digiday Media Awards

Last night Strossle was awarded “Best Native Advertising Platform” at the prestigious Digiday Media Awards in London. Digiday, referred to by Forbes Magazine as one of its "12 Must-Know Media Sites" in the world, hosted a gala at “The Brewery”, where... /../

Context - The Green Data


Are You Looking to Monetize Your Site Better? Get Inspired by Game Developers!

More than 750 iOS games are released every day, and adding games for all other platforms to this number, the total easily amounts to more than one thousand. /../

Strossle Finalist in Digiday Media Awards Europe 2018!

Digiday arrange more than 250 events every year, so it's no wonder that business magazine Forbes identified Digiday as one of its "12 Must-Know Media Sites". Therefore we’re particularly proud that Strossle is finalist in the Digiday Media Awards Europe... /../

5 Innovative Channels to Distribute Your Content


Mothers Day: Learn How To Increase Revenue Through Capturing of Emotions