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Strossle Finalist in Digiday Media Awards Europe 2018!

Digiday arrange more than 250 events every year, so it's no wonder that business magazine Forbes identified Digiday as one of its "12 Must-Know Media Sites". Therefore we’re particularly proud that Strossle is finalist in the Digiday Media Awards Europe... /../

5 Innovative Channels to Distribute Your Content


Mothers Day: Learn How To Increase Revenue Through Capturing of Emotions


How to Stay Relevant When Personal Data is Not an Option


Ochrana súkromia ako základný stavebný kameň


Strossle and Zoznam shortlisted for the 2018 IAB Europe Research Awards

“I am happy that our approach to publisher collaboration is being recognized,” says Magnus Hultman, CEO of Strossle International. /../

Privacy by Design

The privacy chaos Data in the ad-tech era is becoming an increasingly  complex matter. The number of parties that have access to data or the ability to extract data is often higher than you would ever expect. When you enter a random  /../

Här är 2017 års bästa Native-annonser

Förra året distribuerade Strossle mer än 10.000 olika native-puffar i 10 europeiska länder. Alla puffar mäts och utvärderas för att annonsörerna ska få så många engagerade besökare som möjligt. I Sverige kom de mest klickade puffarna från Svenskt... /../

Overcoming the Content Shock

The social media consultant, Mark Schaeffer, has defined the term “content shock” like this: “the amount of content being published is growing exponentially faster than the audiences intended to consume it, while the time available for consumption is a... /../

My Organic Traffic is Decreasing - Help Me!

In a previous post we wrote about how the traffic has decreased over the past and continues to decrease. Several of our publishing partners are worried about this trend, and many have contacted us to discuss what can be done to stop this. Working with... /../