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Planning the distribution of content more important today

By Leo Heijbel May 07, 2018

Tags Publisher , Tech , Advertiser

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Focus on quality and distribution is growing.
The amount of free content online doubles every ninth to twentieth month (depending on what study you read). And as the ability to read the content is finite, companies find that it is hard to distribute the content to the right readers. The reach on many social platforms has decreased drastically, and it is getting harder and harder to compensate this with larger budgets. This trend puts an even higher emphasis on content quality and efficient channels to distribute the content to the right readers.

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Comparing brand building with sales marketing is a challenge.

In the past, it was easy for a CMO to divide brand activities into the ones that had a direct impact on the bottom line and those that had a long-term impact. With the rise of multiple tools to measure user-level data, the impact on sales marketing has become very clear. However, this trend has put a demand on marketers to come up with similar ways to measure activities focused on brand building which is much harder due to the long-term effects. Therefore, many find it hard to compare brand and sales campaigns without comparing apples and pears.

Measure everything - but be careful what you optimize on.
Everything in a marketing campaign should be measured but sometimes optimization lead to decisions that are sub-optimal.  If you start optimizing only for conversions, you take the risk of removing lots of content that does the long-term job with your target group. Ultimately there is no one left to convert. The solution is to make an analysis of what role and 'job' different material should do for the target group and then optimize each material based on that.