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Strossle Ready for GDPR

By Leo Heijbel May 07, 2018

Tags Publisher , Advertiser

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I am glad to announce that Strossle has now prepared the necessary measures to comply with the new requirements. As a result, both publishers and advertisers can feel completely confident in the collaboration with Strossle for all types of content recommendations, both editorial and sponsored (ads).

Strossle's recommendations have always been based on Artificial Intelligence, where we use Machine Learning to understand how different types of articles/topics relate to each other. With that knowledge, we can give users an optimal mix of content recommendation, leading to more page views and higher engagement.

This approach means that Strossle doesn’t need to store personal information or information associated with a person such as a name, email address, location information, computer's IP address, cookies or other types of electronic identities that fall under the GDPR.

If you want to know more about the risks GDPR entails for publishers and platforms, I can recommend these two interesting articles:

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact your local Strossle representative.

I look forward to a continued great cooperation!

Important information for media owners

You as a media owner will be responsible for what technologies and sales partners you are working with since each party is responsible for how personal data is managed and if there is a need for consent. You are likely to be asked to handle consent on behalf of these parties.

Since Strossle doesn’t collect or store personal data, you as a media owner can continue to work or begin working with us without asking for visitor consent or facing any risk of letting a third party handle data with our without consent.

Important information for advertisers

With Strossle you will be able to advertise just as you are doing now, 100% of our inventory will be available after May 25th. For most other digital advertising you as an advertiser will be required to get a consent if any personal data is being collected or stored. It can be handled by you or by the media holder (media owner). 

From a data perspective, we will not allow any data leakage on behalf of the publishers. It means that no personal data can be collected from the media sites without a visitor consent. Since our estimate is that consent will be hard to come by, the offsets being able to use 100% of the inventory of reach, instead of a limited inventory and reach under consent, is of a greater benefit.

Magnus Hultman, CEO Strossle