'Newsworthy' - Your Shortcut to Relevant Content Production

In this post you’ll learn how to create more engaging content by letting the elements of ‘news’ guide you. /../

5 Great Sites When You Need Free Photos (or Videos) for Your Digital Campaign

At Strossle, we’re experts in finding the right readers for your content. We also know how hard it can be as content creator to generate all that great content. Even when the themes are set and the articles and guides are written, you still need the... /../

Today’s Digital Marketing Sucks!

 The internet today has turned into a giant version of Times Square, where companies and brands are in our face, desperately trying to grab our attention—but it’s time to pull the plug. I mean, really... who actually likes the constant interruption of... /../

Big Brother or Don’t Bother? Advertising post GDPR

 We now live in a post GDPR world. It’s difficult to say what the consequences for advertisers and publishers have been, or will be. Right now the relief among media professionals reminds us about the situation 1  January 2000: Hurrah, the computer... /../

Här är 2017 års bästa Native-annonser

Förra året distribuerade Strossle mer än 10.000 olika native-puffar i 10 europeiska länder. Alla puffar mäts och utvärderas för att annonsörerna ska få så många engagerade besökare som möjligt. I Sverige kom de mest klickade puffarna från Svenskt... /../

Planning the distribution of content more important today

Focus on quality and distribution is growing. The amount of free content online doubles every ninth to twentieth month (depending on what study you read). And as the ability to read the content is finite, companies find that it is hard to distribute the... /../

Leading the way to the future of money

Pecha what’cha? /../

“We’re Now in a Post Advertising Society”

Rickard Lawson, Country Manager at Strossle Norway, lead a session on what brands can learn from publishers regarding native advertising at the 2016 Native Advertising Days, where Strossle also won gold for Native Advertising Platform/Network of the Year /../

6 High-Performing Widget Formats for Content Recommendations

What is a recommendation widget?  A recommendation widget is an area on a publisher’s website where content is presented for the user to guide him or her on what to read, watch, or do next. The most common placement for a widget is below an article,... /../

7 Things Brands Can Learn From Publishers