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7 Things Brands Can Learn From Publishers


AI for Media: The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is usually divided into two categories. Weak, and Strong AI. Weak AI is a system or computer program that can solve a narrow set of problems with some level of perceived intelligence. An example could be a system that plays chess... /../

Distribution of Content in Focus at an Intensive One-Day Masterclass with Strossle


Are Brands Becoming The Media?

Today’s fragmented media landscape with adblock on the rise has made it almost impossible to reach audiences through a push marketing strategy. In the early days of Internet, advertisers needed to interrupt consumers to talk about their products, with... /../

Don't hate the player. Hate The Game

Image source: Brian Kim    When football became the organised sport it is today and FIFA was established in 1904 - goals were determined to have the standardised size of 2,44 x 7,32 meters. In 1954 the average height of a grown man was 175 cm. At the... /../

27 Great Metrics and KPIs For Your Content Marketing

Your content is nothing without an engaged audience. So how do you know that you’re producing the right things? It’s simple: you track how your audience reacts and engages with your content. Here’s a list of 27 metrics and KPIs that you can use to track... /../

Content is King – Distribution is King Kong

When Social Media entered our lives it changed a lot of things. For marketers, it meant that all of a sudden they needed to be interesting to get attention. Old Spice told us we could smell like a real man and Red Bull dropped a guy from space. Viral... /../

Case Study: How Union Started with Content Marketing


Strossle Ready for GDPR

I am glad to announce that Strossle has now prepared the necessary measures to comply with the new requirements. As a result, both publishers and advertisers can feel completely confident in the collaboration with Strossle for all types of content... /../