Global Interest For Publisher Collaboration

The interest for Strossle’s platform for publisher collaboration, called the Accelerator, was big. The Accelerator is a data driven cross promotion network for publishers. By recommending publishers best content on affiliated media sites, publishers... /../

What we learned while helping publishers collaborate

  The last 10 years have taken publishers down a path that only ends at a destination called “Content provider”. Media companies know that this is not a viable strategy in the long run. Not only because it impairs their ability to sustain and engage an... /../

After Facebook’s Shock Message: High Time For Publishers To Collaborate

In a post on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced a couple of weeks ago that the social giant will de-prioritize not only ads but also media content in the news feed. The idea was to enhance the user experience by giving more space to posts from friends... /../

How We Approve a Publisher For Traffic Sharing

Collaboration between publishers is at Strossle’s heart. Our Accelerator platform allows publishers to promote their content in a network of hundreds of quality media sites, resulting in more engaged users and less need for traffic from Facebook or other... /../