Another win for Strossle!

We are proud to announce we took home the gold yesterday when the Native Advertising Institute announced the "Best Native Advertising Platform". /../

A landmark year for digital privacy

For digital marketers, 2022 has started off with a series of BIG news!  /../

Google goes contextual. Welcome to the show, and what it means for advertisers

Farewell to cookies means welcome back to contextual In a statement today, Google announced its moving away from it's FLoC approach to addressing online privacy and launching "Topics". /../

Are you studying for the wrong test? Brand Performance - a guide

When consumers choose to make a purchase, they can generally choose from a range of options and alternatives. Brand Performance is about making them choose your product in a world of plenty.   /../

5 Great places to find Free Photos (or Videos) for your digital campaign

At Strossle, we’re experts in finding the right readers for your content. We also know how hard it can be as content creator to generate all that great content. Even when the themes are set and the articles and guides are written, you still need the... /../

Azerion acquires Strossle

It's a big day for everyone here at Strossle as we are announcing today that we've been acquired by the Dutch gaming and technology company Azerion. /../

It's time to #BanSurveillanceAdvertising

Strossle is a proud participant in the struggle for a better internet. The Digital Advertising Economy has largely bee been built on the abuse of your personal data and we belive this is unnecessary and wrong.  /../

Contextual Targeting: The report you've been waiting for

That Strossle has long been crusading for Contextual Targeting is nothing new. But did you know that this line of thinking is gaining traction across the open web? /../

Contextual Targeting and Native Ads, a guide for planners

Contextual targeting is not just having your airline ad appear next to an article about travel. Here’s how to use context to reach campaign goals. /../

Native advertising and the Conversion factor

Are you using Native ads exclusively as a distribution tool for your content marketing efforts? Do you consider the format to be a «top-of-the-funnel» strategy only? /../

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