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How to inspire people to find your content

One of the driving forces behind content marketing is that the traditional AIDA (Action, Interest, Desire, Action) purchase funneling model has changed. Marketers have until recently used this simple strategy - to raise customers' Awareness with... /../

Paid reach added 800% more page views to true native campaign.

The Family & Business Club Penati is a private club, situated in pleasant and quiet surroundings in Bratislava, Slovakia. The number of members is restricted to 275, which is the maximum that can be accommodated while maintaining the club’s top-quality... /../

Leading the way to the future of money

Pecha what’cha? /../

Guide: The 10 Best Performing Native Ads in 2017

Last year Strossle distributed more than 10,000 creatives (different ads) in 10 European countries. We know from data that the visitors we deliver to content marketing are much more engaged than visitors coming from social platforms (they spend 120% more... /../

10-20-70–Your Ideal Content Marketing Measurements

When thinking about content marketing strategy, online marketers face a series of questions. What kind of content should we create? How do we target our content? Which formats should we use? How do we measure the results? And by the way, how much money... /../

Time Spent should mean more to Publishers than Unique Visitors

The online media industry has historically used quantity as the main success indicator—where “who has more unique visitors?” mattered most. The market has seen monthly stats as the principal metric. Consequently a unique user who visited a site five... /../

10 Free Online Marketing Resources That Every Online Marketer Should Use


3 Knowledge-Backed Reasons to Use Native Advertising

Yes, advertising is both an art and science—sometimes you’ll let your gut feelings rule, but it’s often better to build your marketing plan based on research and data. This post contains three research-backed reasons to try native advertising in your... /../

Why Alain Delon Runs His Own Online Magazine [Case Study]

Alain Delon was a famous French actor who was particularly popular in the 1960s. With a naturally entrepreneurial spirit, Delon launched his own fashion brand targeted at the male demographic. Stores all around the world now offer high-end menswear,... /../

Distribution of Content in Focus at an Intensive One-Day Masterclass with Strossle