The first of the last days of the shitty ad!

Publishers and media creators, behold and rejoice: The disconnect between your content and the advertising that monetizes it is coming to an end! About bl**dy time! Since the advent of the «data driven» advertising format - advertisers have been bidding... /../

What All Marketers Should Know About Brand Safe Distribution

Every now and then we at Strossle get questions about brand safety. Are content discovery platforms (like ours) advisable channels for advertisers who are vigilant about their brands? The questions should actually be broadened to: are media sites... /../

7 TED Talks That Anyone Working With Engagement Should Watch

Engagement is the holy grail for the media industry. The concept of engagement really took off a few years ago, as most media publishers shifted from advertising financed models to paid content. But the term itself is more deeply rooted in the social... /../

Strossle’s Algorithm School - an opportunity for publishers to stay in tune with development

The first session was held in June and since then hundreds of media professionals have attended Strossles Algorithm School for media companies. The session is aimed at everyone in the company that wishes to keep up with the technical development and are... /../