Why Engagement is More Important Than Reach for Publishers in 2019


Top 10 Blog Posts in 2018

We checked the numbers, Elon Musk, green data, Ericsson's content marketing and the confessions of a Chief Digital officer. Those were some of the most popular blog posts during 2018. Here’s the full top 10 list! Just click each headline to read the full... /../

How Publishers Can Increase The Reach of Their Native Campaigns

Native Advertising Institute and WAN-IFRA just released the 2018 report over Native Advertising trends in the news media industry. Even to seasoned media and marketing professionals, some of the numbers presented should come as a pleasant surprise. /../

The ‘Friendly’ Platform That Hired PR Experts to Smear its Critics.

If you still haven’t grasped the scope of the Facebook scandal unfolding over the last 18 months, this great piece of journalism in the New York Times is probably be the best way to get the full picture. This is not just a story about a large company... /../

Trust Yourselves: Traffic From Other Publishers Is Much Better Than Search And Social

In this post you’ll learn how publishers can improve their customer funnelling by sharing traffic with each other. /../

“We Put The Least Read Articles Behind The Paywall-and Yes, it Was a Mistake”Confessions of a Chief Digital Officer

Chief Digital Officers–are they the new emperors, or are they just alibis for CEOs who prefer to continue with business as usual? Strossle’s Dan Willstrand met Robin Govik, CDO at Mittmedia, one of Scandinavia’s most progressive local media houses.... /../

“The Most Urgent Challenge for Newspapers Comes from Google and Facebook.”

  The Swedish Media Publishers’ Association (TU) is the trade association for Sweden’s newspapers and other media companies. Strossle’s Anna Holmquist had a chat with their Managing Director, Ms. Jeanette Gustafsdotter, about the current situation, and... /../

Video or Text Journalism - Do We Need Regulations?

Have you ever refrained from clicking an online news story because it was a video? Was it because you knew you’d have to sit through a 30 second pre-roll ad to get what you wanted? Or because news publishers have started using video too extensively? Or a... /../

Strossle wins “Best Native Advertising Platform” at Digiday Media Awards

Last night Strossle was awarded “Best Native Advertising Platform” at the prestigious Digiday Media Awards in London. Digiday, referred to by Forbes Magazine as one of its "12 Must-Know Media Sites" in the world, hosted a gala at “The Brewery”, where... /../

Context - The Green Data


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