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Are You Looking to Monetize Your Site Better? Get Inspired by Game Developers!

More than 750 iOS games are released every day, and adding games for all other platforms to this number, the total easily amounts to more than one thousand. /../

How to Stay Relevant When Personal Data is Not an Option


Privacy by Design

The privacy chaos Data in the ad-tech era is becoming an increasingly  complex matter. The number of parties that have access to data or the ability to extract data is often higher than you would ever expect. When you enter a random  /../

Här är 2017 års bästa Native-annonser

Förra året distribuerade Strossle mer än 10.000 olika native-puffar i 10 europeiska länder. Alla puffar mäts och utvärderas för att annonsörerna ska få så många engagerade besökare som möjligt. I Sverige kom de mest klickade puffarna från Svenskt... /../

My Organic Traffic is Decreasing - Help Me!

In a previous post we wrote about how the traffic has decreased over the past and continues to decrease. Several of our publishing partners are worried about this trend, and many have contacted us to discuss what can be done to stop this. Working with... /../

#metoo would not have had the same impact without the social platforms.

Facebook has more than 2bn active users per month, which makes them difficult for companies and publishers to exclude in their distribution strategies. But a lot of professional users are uncertain about Facebook's algorithms and how they reward content.... /../

Infographic - Surviving the Platforms

Contact your local office to learn more. /../

How Facebook Can Inspire Media To Grow Their Business

Online media must adapt to new trends, learn from big players, and move their user experience strategy to a new level. /../

Global Interest For Publisher Collaboration

The interest for Strossle’s platform for publisher collaboration, called the Accelerator, was big. The Accelerator is a data driven cross promotion network for publishers. By recommending publishers best content on affiliated media sites, publishers... /../

Planning the distribution of content more important today

Focus on quality and distribution is growing. The amount of free content online doubles every ninth to twentieth month (depending on what study you read). And as the ability to read the content is finite, companies find that it is hard to distribute the... /../