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How to get the most out of your Strossle widget

ONBOARDING THE STROSSLE WIDGET Use Strossle on all your sites The core of Strossle’s technical expertise is to analyze and optimize content to drive traffic. The typical site in our network is a content site but the widget can also be used to drive... /../

How Publishers can Optimize their Marketing Funnel for Paid Subscriptions [GUIDE]


Honey I shrunk our business! Or: How you gave 60% of your traffic to someone you don’t even know

Perhaps it’s time to consider creating a position that will be mission critical in that future. Perhaps without this person you will soon find yourself with no data, no revenue, or for that matter no job. Enter: the Chief Audience Officer. /../

Automated Content Recommendations Better than Human

Online publishers know that the time spent by users on their site is a key factor in their business. The longer users stay on the site, the more content they consume. This increases the chances that the users will share the content and attract new... /../

Are Brands Becoming The Media?

Today’s fragmented media landscape with adblock on the rise has made it almost impossible to reach audiences through a push marketing strategy. In the early days of Internet, advertisers needed to interrupt consumers to talk about their products, with... /../

After Facebook’s Shock Message: High Time For Publishers To Collaborate

In a post on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced a couple of weeks ago that the social giant will de-prioritize not only ads but also media content in the news feed. The idea was to enhance the user experience by giving more space to posts from friends... /../

7 Embarrassing Moments, When Friends Share Fake News


Creating The Companies of The Future


Cooperation Between Publishers in Focus at Media Conference


Collaboration Superpower - How Publishers can Balance the Duopoly

What if every single publisher, no matter size, could compete with Facebook and Google from a user, advertiser and data perspective? This might sound like a publisher utopia, but it could actually become reality in a heartbeat, through collaboration. /../