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Three Areas of Collaboration to Battle the Facebook-Google Duopoly

We have identified three primary areas where publishers can benefit from huge upsides through collaboration in the battle against the Facebook-Google duopoly: /../

Why News Sites Should Get Rid of Weight Loss Scams

Advertising promising miracles without any effort brings in considerable money to some news sites. Despite this fact, sites had better avoid it like the plague. /../

3 Simple Ways to Expand the Lifetime of Your Editorial Content

Even though Schaefer mainly referred to content produced for marketing purposes, it definitely applies to editorial content as well. No matter how efficiently California based platforms help users filter content into personalized feeds, it’s hard to... /../

Why publishers should say no thanks to “gifts” from Facebook?

Because what happened to WhatsApp will happen also to media using Instant Articles. /../

How Blockchain Affects Strossles Strategy

Across 12 countries, Strossle helps digital publishers recommend content that creates value for them in various ways. As a data-driven business who touches millions of users and hundreds of publishers, Strossles business model is clearly one with... /../

Facebook delivers another blow to publishers

 In the past days, Facebook has been experimenting with a new «Explore Feed» in 6 markets across the globe. The result so far seems to be yet another nail in the coffin for publishers relying on FB for their traffic. What happened, and what can... /../

How We Approve a Publisher For Traffic Sharing

Collaboration between publishers is at Strossle’s heart. Our Accelerator platform allows publishers to promote their content in a network of hundreds of quality media sites, resulting in more engaged users and less need for traffic from Facebook or other... /../

Strossle Ready for GDPR

I am glad to announce that Strossle has now prepared the necessary measures to comply with the new requirements. As a result, both publishers and advertisers can feel completely confident in the collaboration with Strossle for all types of content... /../

What an amazing year that was

2017 was a fantastic year for Strossle. Our commitment to helping publishers grow reader engagement and monetize their content clearly paid off. We grew the number of publisher partnerships by 30% and increased publisher payouts by 100%.  /../