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How We Managed to Grow by 21,000 Percent in 4 Years

A couple of months ago Strossle was ranked second fastest growing tech company in Sweden, and we were awarded a nice glass prize by Deloitte, now residing in our awards lounge (well, I wish we had one). Until Deloitte informed us that our growth had... /../

Will your fridge recommend you what to buy? Ideas from Recsys 17

Hi, Max! In short - what is a recommendation system? - A system that concludes from data to figure out what will be the most useful or interesting thing right now for a person, and then gives recommendations based on that. /../

Planning the distribution of content more important today

Focus on quality and distribution is growing. The amount of free content online doubles every ninth to twentieth month (depending on what study you read). And as the ability to read the content is finite, companies find that it is hard to distribute the... /../

Leading the way to the future of money

Pecha what’cha? /../

Strossle’s Algorithm School - an opportunity for publishers to stay in tune with development

The first session was held in June and since then hundreds of media professionals have attended Strossles Algorithm School for media companies. The session is aimed at everyone in the company that wishes to keep up with the technical development and are... /../