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Guide: The 10 Best Performing Native Ads in 2017

By Dan Willstrand May 07, 2018

Tags marketing

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Last year Strossle distributed more than 10,000 creatives (different ads) in 10 European countries. We know from data that the visitors we deliver to content marketing are much more engaged than visitors coming from social platforms (they spend 120% more time and read 39% more articles), but how well do native recommendations (ads) convert to click? And what kinds of native recommendations perform best? This blog post will also give you a general idea about the average click-through rate for native ads, display advertising, and content marketing.

We asked our data team to list the best performing ads in 2017, and below you find the top 10. But first some comments and conclusions:

  1. In the list you can see how many times better each ad performed compared with the average ad in Strossle’s network. Example: X 20 means 20 times better, or 2,000% better). This is comparing apples to apples, so you can isolate and understand which subjects, images and titles that attract people.
  2. You can also see how much better the ads performed compared with average display ad CTR in the industry. This metric is more like comparing apples to oranges, but the striking insight is that native recommendations are so incredibly much better than banners at driving visitors to content marketing. The average CTR on Native recommendations is 6,000% better than the average CTR on Display ads.
  3. We know from experience that some content categories are more engaging than others (example: fashion is more popular than business software). In this listing we have mixed all categories, but in the future we will do similar listings within each category.
  4. The list below gives you a good idea of what kind of content, images and headlines attract most people on a European level. We have local top lists as well, contact your local Strossle representative if you are interested.


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