The importance of recirculation


For every publisher out there, whether you're a news publisher, a fashion blogger or a sports fan site, here is an absolute truth: the story you write will live forever, but your traffic will not! As a matter of fact your story will get the majority of all it’s page impressions within the first 24 hours of publishing and after that it will fade into the vast catalogue of content that fills the digital publishing sphere.

By admin May 7, 2018


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This is not to say that the story in any ways has become obsolete or irrelevant  (it might be to you once its out there, but not necessarily so for your readers). The reason is simply that new content claims your story’s space from it’s top pegging, and your piece is relegated to the space known as “below the fold “ or even worse - it gets archived without any further attention.


50 percent of all page impressions are generated from the front page ( . If you're an unlucky editor or journalist, your piece is published in a frenzy of other stories and gets a low billing, or never makes it to the front page in the first place.

In a non-linear digital world this is bad news for publishing. Your story might need a very specific search phrase on Google for readers to find it, and the traffic this generates doesn't reflect the potential audience for your story. But this is the cruel reality of fast paced editorial selection.

Sprinkle believes that all stories deserve to be presented to an audience that finds it relevant. They may still choose not to read it – but at least they have the option and are made aware of its existence.

So how do we make that happen? Well, each unique visitor has a set of preferences, more or less unknown to the publisher. The publisher can only write the stories they think will have news value and thus find its audience.
Sprinkle however guides content to the right visitors using as much data as we can about the individuals and the context he or she is in. If we succeed on our mission, we might not only help each story get the attention it deserves, but also displace Google as the main traffic generator for anything older than 24 hours, or stories that didn't make it to the top. Ambitious? Yes – but possible!!

Every second of every day, we match content with media consumers across an ever growing network of publishing partners. The key to this growth is our ability to put content into context.

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