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Top 10 Blog Posts in 2018

By Leo Heijbel Jan 10, 2019

Tags Publisher , Advertiser

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We checked the numbers, Elon Musk, green data, Ericsson's content marketing and the confessions of a Chief Digital officer. Those were some of the most popular blog posts during 2018. Here’s the full top 10 list! Just click each headline to read the full post. 👌🏻


1st Place

Musk quits Tesla to Join Bitcoin Startup? Another Fake Story Promoted via Facebook




2nd Place

Strossle Sweden’s Second Fastest Growing Tech Company



3rd Place

27 Great Metrics and KPIs For Your Content Marketing



4th Place

“Brands Should Think Carefully About What Contexts They Want To Be In”


5th Place

Strossle wins “Best Native Advertising Platform” at Digiday Media Awards 

 6th Place

6 High-Performing Widget Formats for Content Recommendations



7th Place

Context - The Green Data


8th Place

“We Put The Least Read Articles Behind The Paywall-and Yes, it Was a Mistake”Confessions of a Chief Digital Officer


9th Place

Guide: The 10 Best Performing Native Ads in 2017


10th Place

5 Innovative Channels to Distribute Your Content