Top 3 Reasons Your Campaign gets too Little Distribution

By Malin Björck May 28, 2019

Tags content marketing , Advertiser , content discovery

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You have got the content, but no readers. Here are the top three reasons why your content is not getting the distribution it deserves.


1. You have not adapted your distribution for your target audience

The sheer volume of content published every day makes the internet a loud place. There is a lot of noise to get through if you want to reach your target audience. All too often, companies create content which has not been adapted to the reader that they want to attract. A wide-spread technique to better understand your desired customer is to create personas. A persona is, simply put, a description of your ideal customer. It should aid you in better understanding the interests, needs, wants, and problems that your target audience have. Gaining this type of knowledge about your customer allows you to understand where they go to seek out information, and this is where you should concentrate your distribution efforts.

2. You do not invest in distribution

Making stellar content is not enough. A very common mistake that companies make is to invest a lot of budget in creating the content, but very little on distributing it. A good rule of thumb is to allocate half of the budget on distribution. You cannot expect your audience to find your content, you must deliver it to them - without being too pushy. At Strossle we have helped thousands of advertisers gain new readers for their content through our content discovery network. Only quality publishers are allowed in our network and ads are placed in a widget with content recommendations that blends into the publisher’s own site. This allows you to gain new readers from an environment where they are already in content consumption mode, without pushing your message on them.

3. Your content is not customised for the intended channel

Always adapt your content for the distribution channel for which it was intended. Do not use the same broad message for each platform. For example, a message that works on Twitter, will not necessarily work in other distribution channels. To make things easier for our customers we at Strossle always provide guidance based on our experience. We make recommendations for our customers not only on the type of content that works in our network, but also on how to format ads with the headlines and images that drive the most traffic.

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