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Why Alain Delon Runs His Own Online Magazine [Case Study]

By Filip Kuna May 07, 2018

Tags marketing

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Alain Delon was a famous French actor who was particularly popular in the 1960s. With a naturally entrepreneurial spirit, Delon launched his own fashion brand targeted at the male demographic. Stores all around the world now offer high-end menswear, perfumes, watches and other accessories carrying Alain Delon’s name.

One of the biggest challenges in the fashion industry is the increasing dominance of online business. According to the findings of the Kantar research company, up to 23% of all sales are conducted on the internet. In contrast, ten years ago just 2% of sales were made online. IMRG Capgemini eRetail Sales Index reports that online retail sales rose by 17% year-on-year, and the average order value increased from 75.11 GBP to 80.34 GBP.

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Connecting the Online and Offline Worlds

The Alain Delon brand therefore needs to connect the brick-and-mortar store experience with the virtual world and vice versa. When both these worlds are combined, a unique omnichannel experience is created. The Alain Delon company believes that the only way to achieve this is through content marketing—specifically, creating high-quality, interesting content for their potential customers (the case study is available for download in the PDF format).

That’s why the brand partnered with the digital agency RIESENIA.com, and since 2015, they have been publishing their own online lifestyle magazine, whose mission is to entertain, educate and inspire. The topics must be carefully prepared to bring maximum value, so the team spends a lot of time producing the content. The journey is the goal; what matters is not only successful campaigns, but a continuous long-term effort invested in content to raise brand awareness.


The most important element for all media success is direct visits—that is, users who type the website address directly in the browser. Loyal visitors consume the most content, have the highest monetization potential and conversion rate, and they often recommend the website to their family and friends.

It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire a loyal visitor in a world of information overload. That’s why the agency decided to promote their content through paid channels in order to attract high-quality traffic. The idea was to bring in as many new visitors as possible.

That’s where Strossle comes in. Strossle directed people from Slovak online media to their website, just at the moment when they were ready to read more. Targeted groups included visitors interested in Style & Fashion, Shopping, and Hobbies & Interests. The campaigns were set to the click capping of 1, so the advert was no longer displayed to a user who had already clicked it.


The results showed an average time on site of 3 minutes and 40 seconds per article. This number is similar to that generated by direct visitors. Thanks to the capping setting, the average number of unique visitors was over 90%.

Based on this success, the client decided to also utilize the Strossle recommendation box for promoted articles in upcoming campaigns. Lenka Káčerová, PR & Content Specialist at RIESENIA.com, said: “Communication and campaign implementation were smooth, fast, and effective. We appreciated the ease of setting up a campaign and monitoring the results as they were coming in.”

What Next?

Alain Delon knows that content marketing is a marathon rather than a sprint, but they are confident that loyal readers and customers support the growth of the brand. “Our vision is to continue educating our readers and offering interesting topics and quality content. We like to mix up text- and image-based content with videos, which add to the magazine a new dimension. Our social media have now been enhanced with the Alain chatbot, which advises with choosing the right gift and so, in a sense, helps transfer the offline shopping experience into the online world,” said Richard Wohlstein, Retail Manager at Alain Delon.