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Raising awareness about Cancer prevention. How Slovakias Insurance provider UNION became Content Marketing driven

One of the biggest challenges in the Slovakian market is growing competition and the endless fight to win the hearts and minds of the consumer. With an abundance of providers, digital marketing through search engine campaigns and the return on such... /../

Communicating a "sensitive" topic? A case study from the marketing of incontinence pants

Every third woman will experience incontinence or spontaneous leakage of urine within her life. There is no exact data on the prevalence of incontinence in the population because, despite the efforts of many experts, this topic is still a great taboo,... /../

UPC: More customers through media recommendations

"A campaign that does not sell is not effective enough for us.” /../

Case: The launch of Peugeot's new electric cars

Purpose of the campaign The purpose of the campaign was to inform about the launch of Peugeot's new Electric cars Peugeot 208e and Peugeot 2008e. During the month of September, KW Bruun Sweden tested and evaluated various publishers whose purpose was to... /../

- Strossle made us forget about Facebook


A Successful Campaign With Wästgöta Finans

Purpose of the campaign: The purpose of the campaign was raising awareness and brand-building that would also generate actual loans. Wästgöta Finans wanted to reach out widely with the news that the Jula Group now offered private loans and was a safe and... /../