Raising awareness about Cancer prevention. How Slovakias Insurance provider UNION became Content Marketing driven

By Martina Sebikova Aug 16, 2021

Reading 2 min

One of the biggest challenges in the Slovakian market is growing competition and the endless fight to win the hearts and minds of the consumer. With an abundance of providers, digital marketing through search engine campaigns and the return on such investment became lower and lower. For the Insurance segment, the average price per click is 2.5 times higher than the second most expensive category (Fashion) and up to 6.5 times higher than the cheapest (Travel, Hotels). (source: Addharma.com, category Search).

Union poisťovňa, a.s., is one of the most experienced insurance companies on the Slovak market. It offers a wide range of products used by more than 500,000 people and these products are well backed up by several prestigious awards.

Union is aware of the competition, so they strive to bring customers the best insurance experience and constant innovation. One of the tools is content creation and entering the world of content marketing.


Union wanted to inform the public about cancer prevention and raise awareness of its new insurance against cancer. They created articles to advise the audience on improving the healthy lifestyle and preventing dangerous diseases. It also included links to the insurance company's products and services.

In addition to the regular communication channels, Union also decided to use Strossle to distribute the message. Sponsored links to articles thus appeared among the editorial content on premium media websites, reaching over 74% of the Slovak online population. The content was recommended to users when they read other articles and were in the "mood to read further". Thanks to the CPC model, Union paid only for the people who clicked on the link.


In content marketing, if you combine excellent distribution of excellent content, you tend to get the intended results. In Union, they have created content that would help and advise. Through contextual targeting, Strossle brought in visitors, 89% of whom were unique and spent an average of 2:47 minutes on the site.

Of these people, 5% then clicked on the form with the calculation of the insurance price.

Because Union created several headline alternatives for articles, it was possible to test the performance of each version by AB. The best version had an average CTR of over 2%.

"The communication within the campaign was excellent from the very beginning. We were very pleasantly surprised by the number of people who, after reading the article, continue further to the form to calculate the insurance price. Our expectations were definitely exceeded. We can recommend Strossle by all means,"  concludes Katarína Serbínová, Digital Marketing and Direct Sales Manager from Union poisťovňa, a.s.

What's next?

Content marketing is a trend whose potential Union targets to make full use off. Currently, the company focuses on the development of these activities. They set up processes so that the employees themselves create quality content and help the public audience to better orientate in the complicated world of insurance.