UPC: More customers through media recommendations

By Kristína Kunová Jun 25, 2021

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"A campaign that does not sell is not effective enough for us.”

UPC Broadband Slovakia is one of the largest providers of telecommunications services in Slovakia. Over 600,000 customers use their television, internet and telephone services in more than 60 towns and villages in Slovakia. 

One of the company’s products is online television service Horizon TV. Last year, UPC launched Horizon as a subscription service via it's website and began marketing to new customers.

Campaign goals

For UPC, the main was to promote and sell the Horizon TV service to new customers. The goal was to attract quality traffic to the website so that people could read themed blog posts or check the service availability.

UPC emphasized the overall look of being modern and trendy. Furthermore, that was the same motto also for the campaign: “We needed no ordinary campaign, we wanted to test something new that we had not tried before. That is why our clear choice was Strossle network, “said Adrian Brázdil, the company’s online manager. However, he added as well: “It should not be only new and innovative, it also had to sell. A campaign that does not sell is not effective enough for us.”

Campaign results

“I do not usually have any expectations before the test itself. We live in the age of data marketing that could be defined in a nutshell: Keep testing, measure everything and evaluate immediately! Identify what works, then support and promote it. If it doesn't work: stop it!" says Adrian Brázdil, summarizing his 25-years of experience in online marketing and eCommerce.

The results of the campaign for all UPC services in the period from January to November were as follows:

  • UPC got a total of 25 million ad impressions in Strossle’s referral windows. These were divided into 61 tested creatives
  • The website received 90+ thousand visits
  • 21%, i.e., approximately 19,000 people, tested directly on the site to see if the service was available in their area (vs. the company’s average benchmark of 10%),
  • 34% of them, i.e., about 6,400 people, also had it available and could set it up.

“Over the past two years, we have tested most Slovak advertising networks. Currently, we continue with regular campaigns only in Strossle because it has proven to be effective and beneficial in our media mix. In addition to advertising on Google, Facebook and via programmatic, it is an equivalent form of advertising,” concludes Brázdil.