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Use the fully automated Strossle service to build and grow your audience and drive traffic to your content.

Have you written a great post? Do you have an amazing new feature you want to share with the world?

Using Strossle you can attract and engage an audience in a completely brand and privacy safe environment. We work exclusively with premium publishers to distribute Native ads for your content and you pay for exactly the. number of visitors you want to your site through our transparent and simple "Cost Per Click" model.

Get started

1. Sign up for a Markeplace account Skjermbilde 2020-08-19 kl. 12.39.41

2. Upload a link to the content you've created

3. Define your contextual goals based on what engages your audience. Set your budget and watch your traffic increase


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Here's how it works

Strossle works with more than 700+ publishers across 10 European countries delivering Editorial Recommendations and commercial links to content from advertisers. You've probably seen our widgets under headings like "You might also like" or "Recommended Content". Our technology powers the navigation on billions of monthly page impressions. Our publisher partners include national and local news sites, marquee magazine titles and broadcasters. They are all editorially responsible and well established media-sites in their markets.

This way, you know that:

  • The quality of the traffic we deliver to your content comes from real readers,
  • Your brand is promoted in a safe environment
  • You are only paying for readers who are genuinely curious about what you have to offer.

The native ad

Your content is promoted (and clearly labelled) as "Commercial content" or "Sponsored". Users see the image and headline you provide and choose to respond to your offering. We call this "Pull-marketing". It's non-intrusive and you only get the traffic that is genuinely interested in your content. By providing an honest headline that informs the user what they will see on your site you attract the right users to your content.

We are here to help

Our platform is a fully self-service environment where you create your native ads, select contextual verticals where you want your ad to be seen, set budget and track the progress of your traffic. But we are also here to support you! Need any help, want to make changes or get stuck along the way? No problem, we have offices in major cities around Europe and are here to help you in your local language. 


About Strossle

Strossle is Europes largest Content Discovery Platform. Founded in Sweden in 2014 with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Malmø, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Prague, Madrid, Athens and Budapest.

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